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Top Considerations for CISOs When Consolidating Information Security Solutions- OM2 TECH CEO Inputs

18 infosec pros share the top considerations for CISOs when consolidating information security solutions. Many CISOs seek to consolidate information security solutions to reduce their security clutter, cut costs, and simplify the management of information security overall. But there are many considerations CISOs must weigh to inform these decisions, such as redundancies, costs, integration, demands on internal IT departments, and more. To gain some insight into the most important considerations that CISOs should be weighing when it comes to consolidating infosec solutions, we reached out to a panel of information security professionals and asked them to answer this question: "WHAT SHOULD CISOS CONSIDER WHEN CONSOLIDATING INFORMATION SECURITY SOLUTIONS?" MEET OUR PANEL OF INFOSEC PROS: Steve Williams Cameron Williams Alexi Pappas Paul Love Jason Sinchak James Doggett Rich Reybok Rick Costanzo Tony DiMichele Gregory Morawietz W. Fred Cobb Adrian C