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How to Avoid Cyber Alert Fatigue: Tips from Infosec Pros

23 cybersecurity pros discuss the best ways to avoid cyber alert fatigue. Security professionals constantly get alerts, warning them of anomalies. These early warnings are imperative for effectively mitigating damages from a cyber attack – sometimes allowing infosec pros to halt attacks before they can breach sensitive data. False alarms do happen though, and over time, infosec pros become desensitized to the these alerts. The key challenge facing enterprises is finding the right balance between false alarms and not enough alerts. How can we avoid tuning out the constant alerts and reduce the risk of ignoring the one alert that really matters? To gain some insight into how today's leading cybersecurity professionals are combating this pervasive issue, we reached out to a panel of infosec pros and asked them to answer this question: "HOW CAN INFOSEC PROS AVOID CYBER ALERT FATIGUE?" Meet Our Panel of Security Professionals: Gareth Marchant Jay Stric