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Cyber Security in 5 Years: The Top Experts Speak

See how Rodrigo Montagner, CEO of OM2, answered the question: Where do you see #cybersecurity in 5 years? in an International Panel from the USA. Meet our Panel of Cyber Security Experts: Gregory Morawietz Dr. Ken Baylor Dr. Chadd Carr Michael Fimin Stefan Maerz Pieter VanIperen Rodrigo Montagner Mihai Corbuleac Asankhaya Sharma  Tomas Honzak Brian Berger Rick Deacon Igor Barinov GREGORY MORAWIETZ Gregory Morawietz is a IT Security Specialist for   Single Point of Contact   with over twenty years’ of network and security experience. Morawietz has worked with hundreds of firms on improving IT environments, consulting and integrating technology for the enterprise network. This is where cyber security will be in 5 years… Cyber security protection will not be any further along than it is today as far as how it’s positioned. As technology continues to evolve, so will the threat landscape. Wearable breaches will occur, IoT devices will be compromised, veh