Top Considerations for Choosing a Managed Detection & Response Provider

A panel of data security experts discuss the the top considerations for choosing a Managed Detection & Response provider, including scale, technology, experience, and cost. 18 DATA SECURITY EXPERTS REVEAL THE TOP CONSIDERATIONS FOR CHOOSING A MANAGED DETECTION & RESPONSE PROVIDER Companies outsourcing security need Managed Detection & Response providers (MDR) more than ever to improve  cyber resilience . With the security landscape growing more complex, and the costs of maintaining adequate in-house security teams high, it makes sense for many companies to outsource the tasks of threat hunting and response to ensure that they can promptly identify potential threats and react swiftly to mitigate damages.  Managed Detection & Response  providers often integrate tools such as  Endpoint Detection & Response  and other solutions to detect threats, analyze risk, and correlate threat data to pinpoint patterns that could indicate a larger attack. Because Manage